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Tech Tuesday: Dough-togs for Photogs

29 Mar

If you’re a fan of programs like Living Social and Groupon, you’re gonna LOVE this one. How about a program that offers photog-focused deals on things like discount memberships to Borrow Lenses or $65 to spend on a gallery wrap? Well, look no further. There’s a program. Just. For. Us. I give you…. Photo Dough.

How it works:

  • Subscribe to Photo Dough by hitting up the website and submitting your   email – and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for realtime deal updates
  • Share the deals with your friends and get better offers in the future
  • Save on stuff you really need for your business/studio

We can all relate to the increasing costs of running a business, and specifically the high costs associated with our industry. Now there’s a way to keep a little more cash in our pockets when we decide to spring for a new studio sample, a cool new piece of gear or when we’re ready to try a new vendor or product.

Oh, and today’s deal? $50 off Totally Rad Actions (TRA) legendary action set The Revenge. Not too shabby.