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Get Control: Balancing Work and Personal Life

7 Mar

Owning your own business is no simple task, we all know that. I remember fondly the days when I worked for someone else and had an assistant, no overhead costs, healthcare, a 401K, a boss to bounce ideas off of and colleagues to brainstorm with. As a sole business owner, we fill all of those roles ourselves and with limited resources – for the pursuit of one real perk: doing exactly what we love and getting paid to do it. The price we often pay comes in the form of spousal/relationship neglect, struggling to juggle our time spent nurturing our business and nurturing our families, friends and, let’s face it, OURSELVES. As a new mom, I can especially relate to this and when I arrived at WPPI I hoped for some inspiration and strategy from photogs like myself who had cracked the code on striking that balance. And I’m happy to say that this year delivered.

Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey: Portrait Photographer

“Is the life you’re living worth the price you’re paying to live it?”

Tony Schwarz

This was the quote that literally hooked me during Lackey’s presentation. I mean, what a simple yet profound question! It was almost as if she has been listening in on conversations between my husband and I as we lamented about never having the time to enjoy the things in life we work so hard to be able to afford. Not surprisingly, each bit of information and advice that proceeded that quote in Lackey’s lecture was equally as eye opening, simplistic and life-changing. With a thriving studio in Chapel Hill, 3 young children at home and a staff of photographers to manage, Lackey has mastered the art of work/life balance and wasn’t afraid to share her stumbles and roadblocks she overcame along the way.

Simple tips to eliminate remedial tasks in your life, learning to delegate and prioritizing your time – were examples of Lackey’s advice that helped truly put things in perspective. Lackey admitted that long before she could afford one, she hired an assistant knowing full well that her talent and time was not best served focusing on time-consuming admin, but that it was imperative to be marketing her business, networking and perfecting her own craft. Wise advice, if you can take it. The main point is, time is money. And you can’t make more time – it’s a finite resource. We as women have the tendency to feel responsible for taking everything on ourselves and we must, absolutely MUST, break the habit.

A few quick tips from Tamara to get time back on your side:

  • Hire help – whether at home or in the office. No one can do everything. Think you can’t afford that babysitter? Think again. You can’t afford NOT to hire that babysitter.
  • Prioritize what truly needs your attention and talent. Entrust the rest to someone else.
  • Cut your time spent online by using streamlining apps and websites like Google Reader, Priceprotectr.com and  Hipmunk
  • Buy your groceries online and have them delivered
  • Use apps to help manage your time, such as Time Management Rescue Kit
  • Conduct weekly meetings with your family and/or staff to set clear expectations and eliminate the need for reminders

There’s a lot more to Lackey’s message. But you should hear it straight from her – she’s the one that’s mastered it. I certainly have a long road ahead of me to get there! To get more information on her strategies, check out her workshops and photog tools!

The 1st Annual Women in Contemporary Photography Panel

On Tuesday night in the MGM Grand Ballroom, some of the biggest names in photography today – and all women – participated in an open forum where they discussed issues they face day-to-day and across the industry in today’s marketplace.

Among the many topics discussed were ones addressing the question of how to balance work and personal life. With several of the women on the panel as moms, wives, even an expectant mother – they had lots to contribute on the subject. Here are some sound bytes from Lindsay Adler, Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown, Jessica Claire , Kay Eskridge, Catherine Hall, Sarah Petty, Dawn Shields, and Jasmine Star on how they manage their juggling act and keep things sane between home and office:

  • Limit email and social media to a certain time each day – and keep them closed the rest of the day to help stay productive (*Remember that 7 am and 12 pm EST are the busiest time for social media.)
  • Keeps your goals in sight and try not to be overcome with any obstacles – stay the course!
  • You must set boundaries to make time with kids – and when you do set aside time, always remember to be present with your family – kids and spouses alike!
  • Take the time necessary to find your niche
  • Outsource everything you can to put your most valuable time toward the business