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Ask Betty: ISO Indoor Portrait Ideas

31 Jan

Dear Betties,

I am looking for some great/different locations that I can shoot indoors in the winter. I prefer something in the suburbs maybe near Doylestown but I am open to any suggestions!

Thank you!
Jennifer Parke

Members and visitors: Please note that our policy has changed for “Ask Betty” posts. We will now make all questions public unless requested by the inquiring photographer, that it be made private. We have made this change so that our advice and ideas can also benefit the greater community of photographers who visit our site.


What is “Ask Betty” exactly?

12 Jan

Ask Betty is an exclusive Photo Betties forum where photographers can seek out and share advice. Questions and requests are answered by other members and website visitors through comments.

It’s a great opportunity to seek advice, gain insight, exchange ideas and learn from the group!

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Ask Betty: Videographers anyone?

11 Jan

Hey Betties!

One of our members is looking for recommendations on videographers with strong, striking bodies of work that have a more modern, buttoned-up style. Think hip and classy versus dated and expected.

Ask Betty: Location, location, location….

13 Oct

The million dollar question – WHERE SHOULD I SHOOT? I know we’ve chatted about this topic before, but here’s a specific call for help from a fellow Betty…

Hi Betties,

I have a family portrait session coming up in a few weeks in Phoenixville and wondered if any of you had suggestions for a free indoor location in that area that would be friendly for an infant (6 months) with great light and multiple options. If there are any suggestions outside of Phoenixville, I think the family may be willing to travel so don’t hold back! 😉

Thanks in advance!


Ask Betty: Wondering About Workshops

14 Jul

There are SO MANY workshops out there – some looking more tempting than others. Everyday I get info about a new workshop – I’m just wondering if there are workshops that people have found helpful and if they are something that I should be investing in. Can anyone share some stories about their favorite or most beneficial workshops they have attended in the past and/or ones they aim to attend annually?

Ask Betty: Lightroom vs. Aperture?

14 Jul

An interesting debate arose yesterday on Facebook after I voiced my frustrations with Lightroom; though Adobe in all its glory is a righteous brand, and there is truly nothing better than Photoshop, I struggle with the shortcomings of working in Lightroom with weddings and other jobs that require editing of thousands of images at a time. A friend brought up Aperture, an Apple product that looks to be gaining on Lightroom with its 3.0 version, but I am unfamiliar with the product and am therefore skeptical. I went from Adobe Bridge and “upgraded” to Lightroom 2.7 and found that there were many advantages to the switch, but overall I am still struggling with (above all) image loading and time delay, difficulty switching from catalog to catalog and general irritation with the precision of the adjustment sliders. A laundry list of other minor irritations ensue, but I’m wondering if there really is a better product that can process these batches more efficiently. Here are a few articles I found comparing Lightroom to Aperture – but I would love to hear from the Betties on your post-production software of choice and the pros and cons you’ve found in your travels:

Ask Betty: Three Pressing Questions

9 Jul

“Dear Betty,

1. I recently moved to PA and am looking for resources on taxes. I still haven’t set them up and well, ummmmm, need to. Someone help, please!

2. I am looking for a [free] public location to hold a day of mini sessions preferably in Bucks or Montgomery County, though I am open to surrounding counties.  Here is the tough part- I need an option that would allow for a lack of rain-date, so with a decent indoor option included (ie: barn, etc).  Thank you in advance!

3. I am looking for a stylist and makeup artist that is interested in images for a portfolio. Does anyone know someone who might fit that bill? Thanks to all!

Thanks in advance!!”

– Betty

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7 Jul

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