Member Spotlight: Susannah Gill

27 Jan

Susannah Gill Photography
Weddings & Family Photojournalism

Are you a morning or evening person? Evening for sure!

Coffee or tea? 100% English… can you guess?

Something that’s overrated: Yellowy old-fashioned looking images. How will they look when they really are old?

Something that’s underrated: Being nice to others.

What’s your favorite comfort food? Hmmm, a toss up between grilled cheese and tomato soup or nachos.

Website/blog(s) you visit daily: Facebook, its great for business and I also love seeing other photographers’ work! I can get lost going from one blog to another! I love the blogs, I guess I really enjoy the writing and seeing current work.

Who is the photographer that inspires you most? I loved Sally Mann’s work of her children. Currently I’m into Elliott Erwitt – I saw him speak a few years ago and I loved his personality. Some man stood up and said,”Sir, what ISO were you at in that shot?” Elliot laughed and said, “I don’t know! I saw something interesting so I took a picture!” That’s my kind of photographer – he shoots from the heart!

Tell us about your very first shoot: I shot a 4-hour wedding with one camera, 1G memory card and no extra batteries. I had to use the bathroom a few times just to delete images from the card! Towards the end my battery was dying! Live and learn – til this day I still learn something on every shoot that I bring to my next shoot – sometimes it is about gear, lighting or people.Thats one of the things that is so amazing about photography and being a location photographer – its never the same thing twice – even if it is the same location, the people and the light are always different!

What is the one thing in your bag you would throw yourself in front of a speeding train for? Nothing, that is what photography insurance is for. I use Hill & Usher, they give me great peace of mind – plus some reception venues insist that you have it! But the one thing I would be totally bummed if I forgot at home would be what I call my “baby”, the 70-200mm lens. It allows me to get far away from my clients so they can relax and interact with each other more naturally.

I am passionate about: Women taking advantage of living in a country like ours that allows women to have the same rights, privileges and opportunities as men. I have traveled and studied in places were woman are not so lucky and when I see women who CAN but DONT, it upsets me. We get one spin on this Earth, live your dreams if you can!

To tweet or not to tweet: Ugh, my husband tweets for me but honestly I don’t get it – though a few jobs have come in from Twitter…

What are the top 5 things on your “photographer’s wish list”?

1) Complete knowledge on how to use EVERY aspect and EVERY function and EVERY button on my camera.

2) To have ALL my clients call, email or text their appreciation when they see something they like (their happiness is the most wonderful fuel!)

2.5) To be ok with it when they don’t – at times it make make me really sad and disappointed – especially if I really love the work I created for them.

3) To have perfect color correction abilities – if only I could correct for each and every monitor that the images are seen on!

4) To have a flash that keeps up with me on wedding days!

5) To have a group like the Betties here in NYC!!!

What do you find most difficult about being a photographer?
Oh I am sure there are tons of things technologically speaking and emotionally speaking – but honestly I love it so much even the difficult parts are exciting to work through!

What do you find most rewarding?
When the image you captured in your camera is just how you saw it with your eye. A moment forever suspended in a rectangle.


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