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Quarterly Meeting Recap – Love Life Images

28 Mar

Photo Betties kicked off 2011 with an amazingly inspiring speaking engagement starring Jennifer Dominick and Mary Gardella at a Betty’s home in Mount Airy. The turnout was fabulous! Nearly 20 Betties gathered ’round with cookies and wine and listened to the story of their journey – or better put – the “courtship and ‘marriage’ of two talented photojournalists” and the birth of Love Life Images, a radically successful Wedding and Portrait studio in Savage, MD.

Their talk described the long history they shared together, beginning as photojournalists at The Patriot News, their reconnection nearly a decade later, their decision to pursue a studio endeavor together and all the highs and lows in between. Despite their honesty and humility about the difficulties they faced, the struggle balancing their demanding studio and home lives, and coming to terms with merging their two individual businesses they had each one of the Betties who attended feeling empowered to tackle such similar goals – seeing Jennifer and Mary’s ultimate success ignited us all with excitement and inner confidence. They absolutely embody their own brand – they even (unknowingly) came dressed in their logo colors!

Topics like work-life balance, marketing tips and business initiatives were discussed at length. Love Life Images shared some of the innovative ideas they’ve implemented to make their business truly unique:

Album Therapy: A division of their studio devoted 100% to the creative process of album design

• “A Day in the Life”: A project in which each member of the studio documents visually one full day of their lives to allow a sense of exposure and reveal among the staff – and clients are encouraged to do the same and submit their “documentaries” to the studio for recognition

Photography/Videography Bundles: Combining two treasured technologies for wedding packages to help provide a continuity in the visual documentation of the day

And even with all this momentum and their cups filled to brim with offerings and projects, that’s not all Love Life Images has their hands in. Snapshot Studio, Jennifer Dominick’s Photo Booth company, is a thriving business of it’s own. Think that’s a full plate? They also participate in instruction and teaching at The Foundation Workshop, an organization of the world’s top photojournalist wedding photographers.

If you saw the work that Love Life Images produces, the jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs, you’d think they had every right to be pretentious. They are immensely talented. Yet, they felt just like one of the girls, absolutely warm and approachable and full of wisdom to share. The night was a tremendous success – and we are so grateful to have shared such a wonderful evening with this amazing pair of women!


March Quarterly Meeting: Love, Life Images

11 Mar

Come meet Jennifer and Mary of Love Life Images, who will be speaking at the Photo Betties Quarterly Meeting on Thursday, March 24th from 7-9 pm. These award-winning photojournalists will talk about their journey & transformation from owning separate businesses and putting in long hours to a partnership that feels more like a marriage than either one expected. They’ll share their insight into how to effectively manage employees and run a high-volume studio while also balancing their busy home lives.

A little background about this dynamic duo:

Jennifer Domenick and Mary Gardella are business partners who together own the fabulous wedding and portrait business Love Life Images. Their natural-light studio is housed in an old textile mill that has been converted to shops and restaurants, located halfway between DC and Baltimore in Savage, MD. Jennifer manages the weddings (or “Love”) part of the business and Mary heads up the portrait side of the business (“Life”). They have 8 part-time employees – who they say “feel more like family”.

Event details:

This 2-hour event will be hosted by a Betty in her home. If you’re planning to attend and would like to help out by bringing a small appetizer or beverage, please email heather@phillyphotobetties.com or jenna@phillyphotobetties.com to lend a hand.

Electronic invitations will be sent out shortly. If you’ve been on the list for past events, you’ll be included again. If you haven’t but would like to attend (or know someone who would!), please send us an email: info@phillyphotobetties.com

Hope to see you there!