Welcome to 2012! Betties 2.0!

6 Jan

Welcome to the New Year! We know that things have been a little quiet lately, and we all know why – two words: Wedding Season. But that’s not the only reason we’ve been busy. Behind the scenes we’ve been hard at work crafting some new ideas and directions for our organization that we hope will add value and benefit to each and every one of our members that has supported us so far!

First of all – we have a new URL! Though our old one will still remain active and redirect, our new and improved web address is www.photobetties.org. Update your bookmarks!

Also, you may have noticed a few guest posts authored by Betty Editors. This is a new featured role we’re offering to our most enthusiastic members to help bring a fresh voice to the blog and to inspire new thoughts and ideas beyond the founders. Look for more great additions to this program throughout 2012 – and if you are interested in becoming a Betty Editor, let us know!

We’re also working on partnerships with vendors such as Two Bright Lights and other local and national brands that we all know and love to bring special offers and exposure exclusively to verified members. We also plan to implement more events for non-members to network with us – second shooters, assistants, industry vendors etc.  This is an area we will be focusing on greatly as the organization continues to expand. After all, membership should have it’s priviledges, right?

Finally, we’re just tickled pink to see how quickly we have grown! Thanks to all of you, we have been able to make a real difference in the lives and businesses of so many photographers in our area and we want to continue to do so! Many of the changes coming about are in response to the overwhelming support we’ve gained since June 2010. As a result, we’ll be rolling out real, bona fide membership guidelines soon to help grow our organization and allow us to focus our efforts on rewarding those who really embody the Betty spirit! All of you!

So strap on your hats, we’re in for an even more exciting ride this year!


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