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Spring Snappy Hour!

29 Apr

Winter’s over and the busy season is upon us… the perfect reason to squeeze in a drink with the Betties! We’ll be at Plough and the Stars this Thursday, May 2 from 6-8 pm. There’s on-street parking, a lot next door, and it’s a 1/2 block walk from the 2nd/Market SEPTA stop if you’re taking mass transit. Hope to see you there!



Summer Snappy Hour!

28 Jun

We’re very excited to announce that our next Snappy Hour is going to be Monday, July 30th at El Vez from 6:30-8:30 pm! It’s been a good, long while, we’ve received a lot of emails in anticipation, AND we’ve missed everyone and want to catch up and connect with newbies… so come grab a drink, some chips and salsa and catch up with the Betties!

El Vez is located in “Midtown Village”, at 121 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. There’s on-street parking, a lot around the corner on Sansom, and if you’re not driving it’s a few blocks from Market Street East and Broad Street/Market Street SEPTA stations.

The 2nd Annual Photo Betties Post-Holiday Extravaganza

6 Dec

It’s that time of year again! Lights and decorations, shopping, sending out cards and getting all those last-minute portraits sessions and weddings out the door (plus all the orders!).

Once the holidays have passed and you’ve had time to enjoy a nice quiet month with friends and family, it’ll be time again for the 2nd Annual Photo Betties Post-Holiday Extravaganza! This year it will be held at a fellow Photo Bettie’s home in West Philly on Saturday, February 4th, 2012!

Come one, come all to celebrate, catch up, eat and hit the photobooth! Feel free to bring along your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/good friend/assistant… it’s the one Betties event that’s made for everyone!

If you received an invitation for last year’s party you’re on the list. If you didn’t or aren’t sure and are interested in attending, contact us at

Happy Holidays!

Becoming Women of Heart: Art for a Cause Recap!

10 Nov

Last Tuesday, the Photo Betties partook in an amazing event, one that inspired 13 Philadelphia area artists to create and donate a body of work to turn art into hope for thousands of families across the  area who are struggling with Cancer: Women of Heart: Becoming Art for a Cause. While it took the help of many to bring this dream to life,  no one worked harder than Katie Bradford Obsbourne, the founder of Women of Heart – who dreamed up this amazing idea in order to honor the memory of her father – another victim of Cancer. Katie not only created the idea for the cause and carried it through to success, but she inspired over a dozen other artists to follow her lead and submit some beautiful work that went on display on November 2nd at Studio 5 in Philadelphia.

A concept born from the grief of losing someone so dear to her, Katie wanted to find a way to use her art to flip sadness on it’s head and create a movement that would not only help heal those wounds, but would help others who are now battling the disease. “I think the thing I’m most proud of is giving myself a chance to have good memories that day by doing something. Instead of making a day that was HIS- his 60th birthday- about me and my grief. Or about grief at all! A birthday is a celebration of life, and I certainly celebrate that he was here for almost 57 years”. And so the gallery was filled with amazing pieces of her work and many others, and after months of determination and commitment, Women of Heart came to life. “There was a moment I’ll never forget when everything was up, and I stopped and just looked at it all. I could feel my dad saying, ‘I’m really proud of you, Sugar,’ and it just hit me that I really made it happen.”

Along with Katie’s body of work, juried pieces from Catherine Bogart-Rome, Brendan Burke, Caitlin Domanico Katherine Fraser, Brittany Koch, Patty Kropp, Helen Orombi, Jennifer Osborne, Alix Passage, Jenna Walcott, and  Christie Young displayed their work throughout the gallery and musical artist Matthew-Billy Williams of Williamsboy Band performed soulful sets of acoustic guitar that created the perfect atmosphere for the crowd. The event drew over 60 people to North Philadelphia to view the works and purchase and donate for the cause, The Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia.

Katie featured two main bodies of work for the event, The Women of Heart Series and Mixed Media. “My Portrait of a Woman program is my passion, and this is exactly why. These are all regular women who put aside their insecurities to ‘become art for a cause,'” speaks Katie about the Women of Heart Series, “and mixed media is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve always been fascinated with it- it’s a different way of thinking when your photograph is the jumping point instead of the finished product. I played with alternative printing techniques, interesting materials such as tissue paper, and LOTS of black acrylic paint! The end result is something I am truly proud of as an artist- these pieces really reflect me- who I am and where I’ve been”.

Totals from donations are still being calculated, but regardless of the number there is no question that this event was a true success and marks only the first of many of it’s kind. “Now that the event is behind me I’ve had a chance to think about where I would like to see it going, and I know for sure that it’s not over! It’s a little up in the air where I’ll be this time next year, but wherever I go, I can certainly see Women of Heart following me. I am SO passionate about this cause – being able to, in some way, do my part to help others whose lives have been affected by Cancer and also give other artists a way to do that, too.”

Donations can still be made in the name of Women of Heart toward the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia. Contact Katie for information on how you can contribute or get involved.

September Snappy Hour!

4 Sep

The long-awaited Snappy Hour is finally here! In the spirit of lovely autumn weather and Oktoberfest, join the Betties at Frankford Hall on Wednesday, September 28th from 7-9 pm. Come one come all for great conversation, brews, pretzels and German food.

The outside Beer Garden at Frankford Hall. Credit: Starr Restaurants

Frankford Hall is located at 1210 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown – one neighborhood north of Northern Liberties and the famed Piazza at Schmidts. There’s on-street parking, a lot nearby, and if you’re not driving it’s 2 blocks from the Girard Avenue Subway stop and there are cabs galore.

June Snappy Hour

6 Jun

Where: Positano Coast
When: Wednesday, June 29, 7-9 pm
Who: Photo Betties old and new!

Come meet us for al fresco lounging with a lovely view of Old City… Summer’s almost here! Let’s celebrate!

Accounting for Photogs Recap

24 May

Accounting isn’t the sexiest part of running your own photography business; aside from equipment malfunction and extreme weather patterns, it’s more like the scariest. But last Thursday at our Quarterly Meeting, it was actually cool. Heather O’Mara helped plan the event, held at CPC Financial in King of Prussia, and hosted by Richard C. Capasso, CPA, PFS, CFP.

Rich isn’t your stereotypical accountant. He’s got a great sense of humor, is excited to advise on financial planning, and is really easy to talk to; it’s obvious after a few minutes just how passionate he is about helping small business owners (their firm has over 800 clients – all small businesses.)

It was an information-packed evening – two hours of advice that would be overwhelmingly long in a blog post, so instead, here’s a few highlights:

Money Matters:

1. No matter what type of business entity (Sole Proprietor, LLC/LLP, Corporation or “S” Corporation), set up separate bank accounts and credit cards so that everything is clearly defined as personal or business, leaving no gray area or confusion come tax time (and hopefully not: audit time).

2. At the very least, keep a checkbook, and have an income statement that shows profit/loss.

3. Remember that you need to earn roughly $1.40 to take home $1 after taxes, so pay what expenses you can before paying yourself. If you pay for something business-related on your own dime, treat it just as if you worked for another company and create an expense report before reimbursing yourself.

4. If you pay any one person more than $600 aggregate in one calendar year, you must send them a 1099. If not, and you are caught, you’ll lose the deduction on your return and be subject to a fine of $1,000-$10,000.

5. There’s no benefit to keeping extra funds in your business account. When there’s excess, distribute funds to your personal account to avoid any gray areas. And be sure to set aside 30% of that amount for income tax.


6. If you claim a home office on your taxes, it must be a space reserved only for business, not an office/playroom, office/dining room, office/bedroom, etc. And if you’re claiming a studio, you’ll need a separate entrance into the space from the outside. Once you figure out what percentage of the home your office occupies, you can also calculate that percentage of your utilities, mortgage and possibly even your landscaping.

7. Health insurance premiums can be deducted from your tax return, as well as portions of your internet and cell phone bills (not included in the home office deduction).

8. When traveling, log your mileage – which is currently 50.5¢/mile and includes depreciation on your vehicle, insurance, and gas. (Second shooters and assistants who are traveling separately can also claim their mileage.) Only claim your vehicle if more than 50% of the mileage is used for business purposes total.

9. Charitable donations are NOT deductible – only the cost of goods (your vendor’s, not your mark up) for items gift (for example a canvas print, album, etc).

10. Don’t get wrapped-up in the idea of deductibility, or make purchases simply because they are a tax deduction. Everything should make good business and investment sense.

* Remember that if your company has a loss for the year, you can’t claim many expenses, including a home office or new equipment. You may, however, be able to extend and still claim some deductions the following year – check with your tax preparer or accountant to find out more.

If you’re interested in speaking with Rich about financial planning for your own business, or to get a business started, contact him by email at or call 610-265-4122.

Want to help out, organize, host or assist with an event? Give us a shout at

May 19, 2011: Save the Date!

3 May

Accounting for Photogs

Thursday, May 19th

Yup! It’s already that time again – the next Photo Betties Quarterly Meeting is right around the corner and this time we are making it all about numbers. Join us for a no-holds-barred open forum about all things accounting, a topic we know has been hot on everyone’s mind as of late!

Now that the 2010 tax season is behind us, get your business primed for 2011’s tax filings as Richard C. Capasso, CPA, Vice-President and Shareholder of CPC Financial Planning, opens his doors to a special Betty gathering, offering advice & answers to your questions about your most complex accounting issues.

This is one Betty event you don’t want to miss!

Register for Quarterly Meeting: Accounting for Photogs in King Of Prussia, PA  on Eventbrite

If you have attended previous Photo betties events, you were emailed a, invitation and password that allow you to register with the link above. If you didn’t receive the email, or we be in the Philadelphia area and would like to attend, send an email to

Quarterly Meeting Recap – Love Life Images

28 Mar

Photo Betties kicked off 2011 with an amazingly inspiring speaking engagement starring Jennifer Dominick and Mary Gardella at a Betty’s home in Mount Airy. The turnout was fabulous! Nearly 20 Betties gathered ’round with cookies and wine and listened to the story of their journey – or better put – the “courtship and ‘marriage’ of two talented photojournalists” and the birth of Love Life Images, a radically successful Wedding and Portrait studio in Savage, MD.

Their talk described the long history they shared together, beginning as photojournalists at The Patriot News, their reconnection nearly a decade later, their decision to pursue a studio endeavor together and all the highs and lows in between. Despite their honesty and humility about the difficulties they faced, the struggle balancing their demanding studio and home lives, and coming to terms with merging their two individual businesses they had each one of the Betties who attended feeling empowered to tackle such similar goals – seeing Jennifer and Mary’s ultimate success ignited us all with excitement and inner confidence. They absolutely embody their own brand – they even (unknowingly) came dressed in their logo colors!

Topics like work-life balance, marketing tips and business initiatives were discussed at length. Love Life Images shared some of the innovative ideas they’ve implemented to make their business truly unique:

Album Therapy: A division of their studio devoted 100% to the creative process of album design

• “A Day in the Life”: A project in which each member of the studio documents visually one full day of their lives to allow a sense of exposure and reveal among the staff – and clients are encouraged to do the same and submit their “documentaries” to the studio for recognition

Photography/Videography Bundles: Combining two treasured technologies for wedding packages to help provide a continuity in the visual documentation of the day

And even with all this momentum and their cups filled to brim with offerings and projects, that’s not all Love Life Images has their hands in. Snapshot Studio, Jennifer Dominick’s Photo Booth company, is a thriving business of it’s own. Think that’s a full plate? They also participate in instruction and teaching at The Foundation Workshop, an organization of the world’s top photojournalist wedding photographers.

If you saw the work that Love Life Images produces, the jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs, you’d think they had every right to be pretentious. They are immensely talented. Yet, they felt just like one of the girls, absolutely warm and approachable and full of wisdom to share. The night was a tremendous success – and we are so grateful to have shared such a wonderful evening with this amazing pair of women!

April Snappy Hour

25 Mar

Where: Cold Point Pub at Whole Foods – Plymouth Meeting, PA
When: Wednesday, April 13, 7-9 pm
Who: Photo Betties old and new!

Come one, come all for a drink, great conversation, and maybe even some shopping if you need to pick up a few things beforehand…