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Conferences, Tradeshows, Conventions, Oh My!

3 Oct

Unless you’re shooting in some deliciously warm and perpetually sunny locale, chances are the late autumn and winter months are when you rest, recharge and revamp. It’s also a perfect time to invest in a conference to get inspired, learn some new tricks and techniques, see what kinds of cool products and gadgets are out there, and meet other wonderful photogs like yourself! Here’s our abbreviated list of conferences coming up; some are geared towards wedding and portrait photographers, but we also threw in a few others for those who want to explore outside their comfort zone.


PDN & WPPI PhotoPlus

October 27-29, 2011 | NY, NY
“Get ready for the hottest industry event for photographers and image-makers, PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo, brought to you by PDN. It’s the only place where you have infinite access to emerging technology, trends and talent while test driving new imaging tools, discovering creative solutions and expanding your network. And this year PDN and WPPI are joining forces in New York City to roll out WPPI NYC, an entire expo dedicated to wedding and portrait photography, making PhotoPlus Expo even better. Choose from over 115 educational seminars and hands-on labs to expand your expertise. Come be informed and entertained, leave inspired.” (c/o website)

Her Photography Conference

November 1-3, 2011 | Grand Rapids, MI

“Be a part of the ONLY boutique women’s photography conference! With a limited number of attendees, HER PHOTOGRAPHY CONFERENCE provides a boutique atmosphere that facilitates empowering relationships for female photographers as well as the opportunity to spend time with the photography industry’s elite professionals. If you are a woman, a photographer, and you have a strong desire to grow your business and build empowering relationships with other female business owners then this is the conference for you! Our hope is that you walk away from this conference inspired, motivated and ready to take your business to the next level!” (c/o website)

The Foundation Conference

November 7-8, 2011 | New Orleans, LA
“Foundation Conference 2009 was an incredible opportunity to connect with old friends, make new friends, and hear from some of the world’s best documentary style photographers in one place! Egos were left aside, as teaching and learning flowed from speaker to audience and back to the speaker. It was a wonderful environment to push the boundaries of creativity, to critique and be mentored, and to be introduced to new ways of seeing. It is safe to say that there is no other photography conference like FC, and I can’t wait to go to the next one!” – Kate (c/o website)


Digital Wedding Forum

January 15-18, 2012 | New Orleans, LA

“It’s Friday afternoon and I’m still sitting at the hotel bar reminiscing about the weeks events. I had the best week at DWF to date! Not only were the speakers fabulous… but everyone really opened up and shared a bit about themselves and their passions…. usually at the bar at 2:30am. Looking forward to seeing you all in New Orleans! – buttermedia” (c/o website)

Imaging USA

January 15-17, 2012 | New Orleans, LA
“At Imaging USA, you’ll find just what you need to breathe life into your photographic dreams—no matter where you are in your business! Art and business education, inspiration and great trade show deals await both established professionals and newcomers to the professional photo industry. It’s the convention and expo that was created with your needs in mind, so what are you waiting for? Register Today.” (c/o website)

Senior Photographers International

January 24-27, 2012 | Buena Vista, FL
“Senior Photographers International Inc., is an organization of professional photographers specializing in High School Senior Portraits. We are dedicated to bringing the best in photography and business practices to our members. The organization was founded on the principle of photographers sharing information with one another. We remain committed to that philosophy. All newsletter articles and convention programs pertain specifically to the subject of senior photography.” (c/o website)

PhotoPro Network

February 2-5, 2012 | Covington, KY
“4 Full Days! 10 World Class Speakers! 1 Fantastic Opportunity! PhotoPro Expo 2012 is shaping up to be one of the top 2012 photography conventions nationwide! The anticipated speaker line up will blow you away!” (c/o website)


February 16-23, 2012 | Las Vegas, NV

“Last year, WPPI attracted over 16,000 attendees. This year, we are expecting WPPI to be the biggest and best event in our history. With an all-star speaker lineup and a diverse and unparalleled menu of special events, WPPI 2012 is primed for another banner year. Winning programs like WPPI Plus, Photographers Ignite and the Awards Night extravaganza, as well as helpful features like Pre-Board, will make WPPI 2012 our best show ever. And don’t forget about the amazing WPPI Trade Show, where you’ll find the best deals anywhere. We’ll see you in February!” (c/o website)

Society for Photographic Education

March 22-25, 2012 | San Francisco, CA
Intimacy and Voyeurism: The Public / Private Divide in Photography
“Photography’s relationship with intimacy and voyeurism is as old as the medium itself. From its inception photographs have been used to sustain, affirm, or remember loved ones, expressing intimate and profound connections between people. At the same time photography has offered voyeuristic pleasure, allowing the viewer to see without being seen, to take visual pleasure without risk to oneself. Rarely can photographs themselves be clearly divided into one or the other of these categories. Images become voyeuristic or intimate based on context, societal expectations and interpretations.” (c/o website)

Photoshop World

March 24-26, 2012 | Washington DC

“Most photography conferences consist mainly of one huge photography Expo with some peripheral classes on the side that require pre-registration. Photoshop World is almost the opposite. Here’s you’ll find an enormous line-up of Photoshop and photography classes on subjects ranging from portrait to outdoor photography and more that require no pre-registration (you can come and go in between classes as you please) in addition to a huge expo floor with even more bonus classes. If there’s one thing Photoshop World can guarantee, it’s that you will come away reeling with knowledge and inspiration after three short days.” (c/o website)

Travel Writers & Photographers Conference

August 9-12, 2012 | Corte Madera, CA
“The Premier Conference in the World for Travel Writers and Photographers!

The Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference has an extraordinary, international reputation among publishers, editors, and writers. This four-day Conference offers an array of writing and photography workshops in the morning, a full afternoon of panels and discussions, and evening faculty presentations. There are optional, working field trips to explore the resources of the Bay Area. The faculty includes publishers, magazine editors, photographers, travel essayists, food writers, restauranteurs, guidebook writers, and more. There are hours of informal interaction between faculty and students during lunch and in discussions that often last late into the evening.” (c/o website)


Thursday Morning Pancake Sessions

7 Sep

Source: Pancake Sessions: Video Light and Getting Ready Details Post

Tomorrow after you roll out of bed and grab a warm beverage, head over to Justin & Mary’s website to check out their next Pancake Session post. There’s a fresh one every Thursday, which promises to be interesting and informative, plus they break everything down into bite-size, easy to understand pieces. Best of all, they’re up there on the interweb for posterity, so you can visit right now and learn about everything from Black and White Post Production Tips, Branding, Off Camera Lighting, Destination Wedding Tips and much, much more.

Thank you fellow Photo Betty Susannah Gill for sharing another helpful tip with us!

Tech Tuesday: Apple’s OS X Lion

12 Jul

A few weeks ago we reviewed Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS5 and the introduction of iCloud – and how they’re going to make photographer’s digital lives more streamlined. Today, we’re covering the new version of Apple’s desktop operating system, which according to Apple should be available for $29.99 – any day now.

OS X Lion – a whole new animal

Multi-Touch Gestures

Inspired by the tactile functionality of the iPhone and iPad, Apple has integrated the gestures that mobile device users have grown to love. Now you’ll be able to use the same fluid and realistic gesture responses, including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping, right on your desktop.

What does this mean for photogs?

– You’re in Photoshop or Lightroom, and want to get a closer look. No need to mouse over to activate the zoom tool or hit a keyboard command, simply pinch to zoom in or out. Get a closer look in your favorite web browser by simply double tapping.

– Within an application, like a word document, or several open tabs in your browser, just swipe, like turning pages of a book, rather than mousing over to scroll the scroll bar.

– If you have multiple apps open, you no longer will need to mouse down to the dock or hit COMMAND+Tab on your keyboard to browse the other open apps. When viewing an application at full screen (another new feature we love!), it’s as easy as swiping with three fingers, which shuffles your full-screen apps like playing cards.

What you’ll need:

If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a Multi-Touch Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad to take advantage of gestures.

Full-Screen Apps

Now instead of resizing your browser windows to fill up as much space as possible to hide that messy desktop, you’ll be able to clear away the clutter and see one App and nothing else – instantly – by just clicking the new full-screen button in the upper-left corner of your app window. BAM!

Mission Control

Mission Control is simple – it helps you get all your ducks in a row and see what you have open, with a highlight window for each App. So instead of just glancing down to see my dock, and trying to recall what I have going on in Lightroom, iChat, Photoshop, Word, Illustrator, Safari (etc.) I’ll just be able to swipe up with three fingers on my trusty trackpad, and get the lay of the land. Kinda like this:


Launchpad is kind of like Mission Control’s orderly cousin – which lets you see a neat grid of all your apps as icons on your desktop (accessible from your dock) rather than having to navigate to your Applications folder and view them in a dialogue box. Clean, simple and right there. Functionality is the same as the iPhone or iPad, so you can:

– Hold down an icon with by clicking on touch pad to activate all the apps, and click the “x” in the corner to quickly delete an app

– Drag an app icon onto another icon to categorize them into folders like “Business”, “Post-Production”, “Games”, etc

– Swipe across your trackpad to move between pages

– Open any app with a tap or click

Mac App Store

If you’re an iPhone user, this is not a new concept. But the fact that the App Store will now be integrated into OS X Lion, letting you browse, download and install immediately – rather than buying discs (in person or online… which equals time and/or waiting) is pretty cool.

In addition to quick downloads, you’ll also get easy integrated updates, and fast, simple installation across devices.

It’s not the sexiest update – but it’s certainly pretty darn sensible. Think about the big apps. Like Lightroom. Or perhaps when you get a last minute word doc from a client and don’t see it until 1 am the night before big the event – and you don’t have the most recent version of Microsoft Office! No worries! Just search, click, download, and viola! It’s open. Maybe now the App Store looking a little sexier?

Auto Save and Versions

Sometimes I’m groovin’ on an edit or retouch, music blaring, feelin’ inspired, and suddenly remember “Oh yeah – I haven’t saved yet…” after 20 minutes of work. Then I quickly save my .psd and breathe a sigh of relief. Well, with OS X Lion, Apple’s got a fancy new update that will let me edit to my heart’s content, without having to worry.

Auto Save automatically saves your work, while you work, during pauses and every five minutes. This is what I’m most excited about – and can’t wait to see in action.

Why’s it so great?

– It saves versions within the same file, rather than multiple versions of your file (therefore saving room on your hard drive).

– If you’re editing an email or shotlist, for example, and halfway in, realize you erased something important- no problem! The Revert feature returns your document to the state it was in when you last opened it, and Versions shows you the current document next to a cascade of previous versions which have been saved. And if you just want to grab a section from an earlier version, you can copy and paste between versions.


Last but not least for the OS X Lion updates, is a fancier, shinier version of Mail that offers a widescreen, two-column view of your emails, one-click access to folders, quick drag-and-add folder functionality, detailed preview (so you glance at your list of emails and get an idea of content before opening), enhanced search, and best of all Conversations.

This new feature (which gmail users enjoy) automatically groups messages from the same conversation, in chronological order. Why’s it great? It removes redundant text from previous message threads to save time scrolling and searching for old emails and details, in an easy-to-follow, linear format. Not too shabby.

What’s next?

So there you have it – all the updates – some which are a bit more “fluff” but others that will certainly save time and make life easier when you’re on your desktop. Which, let’s face it – is a good portion of the week. If you’re interested in upgrading (for just $29.99 – it’s a great deal) you’ll need to:

1. Make sure your Mac can run Lion

– Click your Apple icon in the top-left of your screen, choose “About this Mac” and find out if it has an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor. if so, you’re good to go.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of Snow Leopard

– Click your Apple icon in the top-left of your screen, choose “Software Update” to install version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) if you don’t already have it

3. Download OS X Lion from the App Store.

– It’s not ready just yet, but you can sign up for a notification when it is.

Tech Tuesday: Adobe Nav

17 May

Looking for a way to improve workflow in Photoshop? Not ready to invest in the Motiboto Skin system or a Wacom just yet? Got an iPad? Well, Adobe may have just come up with a suitable stop-gap. Introducing Adobe Nav for CS5 – an app released last month to make using Photoshop just a little bit easier – and more intuitive.

Adobe Nav is a touch app designed with customizable features that allow you to turn your iPad into a toolbar for Photoshop with the commands and tools you use most often right at your fingertips!

Features include:

•Use your fingertips to select Photoshop CS5 tools from your iPad screen.

•Customize the way the Photoshop CS5 toolbar appears on your iPad screen to make your most-used tools easily accessible. You can save one Adobe Nav toolbar configuration with up to 16 tools.

•Browse, reorder, view, and zoom in on up to 200 open Photoshop documents on your iPad screen.

•Tap any open document in Photoshop on your iPad to make it the active document in Photoshop CS5.

The app is priced at $1.99, so in some respects you may get what you pay for. Some reviews have noted that the features are somewhat limited for pro use, while others rave about the ease with which you can now breeze through workflow. The verdict will come down to you – and how you use Photoshop individually. In the end, it’s a darn good price for a product that just might save you some time in post.

So if you have CS5 (system requirement) and are looking for a new way to make your iPad earn it’s keep, try Adobe Nav. And tell us what you think!

Tried Adobe Nav? Got any tips or feedback? Post comments you comments below!

Tech Tuesday: Improving Load Times

10 May

While most photographers’ websites are often built with fewer images per page and are formatted to load quickly, blogs are a different animal. We upload many photos to a post – sometimes dozens, and if those files are large, it can take web browsers several seconds to load them all, resulting in a less-than-impressive user experience, and often times, sending bored/frustrated/unhappy visitors off to another site.

Loading is time. And time is money.

The best way to keep visitors on your blog, checking out your lovely photos, reading your witty posts and getting to know you better, is to make their experience fast, easy and enjoyable.

Kissmetrics just posted a fantastic infographic on the topic: How Loading Time Effects Your Bottom Line, and found that “a one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.”

How fast are you?

Industry standard varies, but many web developers recommend that load times not exceed 5 seconds. Obviously pages with rich content (ie. photos and video) take slightly longer and visitors will be a bit more patient on those types of websites. If you’re wondering how fast your own page loads, check out loads.in, a nifty site that offers a free test drive! Enter your URL and you’ll get:

  • The load time of your webpage
  • Snapshots of the webpage as users experience it at different intervals of the load process
  • Errors or warnings if they occur
  • A complete timing break down of all elements of your page in a waterfall chart
  • Downloadable timing results in the Http Archive (HAR) format
  • Go ahead, give it a try. It only take a few seconds. See what you get!

    How’d you do? Our site was 6.4 seconds. Not bad!

    If your numbers were a bit high or in the double digits, talk to your web developer and see what they can do on the back end to improve things.

    Roll up your sleeves!

    There’s one thing you can do on your own that won’t cost any money, and will take just a few minutes: Optimize the photos you’re uploading to your blog.

    Even correctly sized and exported at a lower setting they may not seem big, but they’re often larger than they need to be. Your best bet is to optimize them to reduce the file size while retaining quality – making the files quicker to load – and the experience even sweeter.

    There’s a few ways to go about optimizing your photos, but Photoshop is my tool of choice since I can preview each image and see exactly what I’m getting, rather than batching the whole group at one standard setting.

    Why take the extra time?

    Well, a close-up portrait of a bride and photo of the reception venue will have completely different color, information and details. And I’d rather take the time to make sure each image is fine-tuned and lovely, since they will live forever on my online portfolio. It’s a matter of a few minutes, and super simple:

    1. Open your photo(s) in Photoshop.

    2. Select File>Save for Web & Devices.

    3. Once the dialogue box opens, choose your preferred file type (mine is JPG) and adjust the Quality slider at right to make the file size smaller.

    The image window will automatically preview for you – and you’ll want to make sure to find that delicate balance of smaller size and good quality. This always depends on the image content, detail, and number of colors, so there’s no hard rule. Try 60%-80% quality, depending on the dynamic range of the image, and see what works best for each.

    If you’d like to compare different quality settings, click on the 2-Up or 4-Up tab in the top left corner to preview one or several options alongside your original. You can click each section which will highlight with an outline, and then change that specific version’s pixel preview and file size.

    4. Once you’re happy with your selection, click the Save button and rename the file (so you don’t overwrite your original).

    The image I started with (at 700 pixels wide, 72 dpi) was 512K, and once optimized, it was 183K. We’re not talking a huge difference, but it adds up quickly when you have dozens of images loading on your page!

    There are hundreds of other articles and tips for shrinking page load times; if you have any helpful ones to share please leave a comment!

    PS: One last reason to care about load speed: Google search results.
    Google wants to promote pleasing user experiences, and therefore takes site speed into account with their search rankings. The faster your load time, the better chance they will send people your way!

    “Wedding in a Week with Lightroom” Recap

    23 Mar

    Last week Isabel March welcomed fellow Photo Betties to her studio to introduce us to the wonderful world of Lightroom. Some of us were die-hard Photoshop users intrigued by the hype over faster production and ease-of-use, and others had taken baby steps with Lightroom and were ready and eager to learn more.

    What a reception! Isabel and her husband Mike greeted everyone as they arrived, and there was a delicious spread and super cute notebooks with pens to jot down notes. She jumped right in and literally flew through an engagement session – from culling to editing and final export – in no time at all.

    When I heard Isabel could edit an entire wedding with Lightroom in a matter of hours, not days, I was mystified. After seeing her intuitive and efficient process and Lightroom skills, it made complete sense to me how she accomplishes it. She also shared tons of helpful tips about workflow, her favorite presets and tools, and answered any all all questions we threw at her. Much of what we learned was explained with on-screen examples, but here’s a few fantastic tips that translate without visuals:

    • Before you even begin editing, back-up your files multiple times so there’s no danger of losing anything (Isabel has six back-ups, two of which go off site).

    • Work on photos stored on an external hard drive – rather than your computer – to process faster and ensure everything is safely stored.

    • Give each of your clients their own folder within your system. Keep everything subdivided within that folder, i.e. contracts, sessions, weddings, albums and your Lightroom catalogue. It makes everything related to your client easy to find.

    • When culling and editing your images, let go of super fantastic perfection. Select the very best photos and spend your time and effort on those specifically.

    • Isabel uses Photo Mechanic for culling – rather than Adobe Bridge or Lightroom – because it renders quickly and provides clear, detailed previews of your images. First she rates the top images then exports them to a folder – to edit only those select shots in Lightroom. There’s no need to import an entire wedding into Lightroom…only the images that will be presented to your client.

    • When importing a new project into Lightroom, give each project its own catalog so that your computer can process everything faster. Save each catalog with the respective job so you don’t have to hunt to find it later.

    Courtesy: makmebel.eu

    If you’re switching over, or looking to increase your knowledge of Lightroom, here are some helpful places to go:

    • Adobe’s Learning Center has articles, video tutorials, links and resources for all things Lightroom.
    Julianne Kost is the guru of LR. She’s amazing!
    • Lynda.com is an excellent resource for online training with easy-to-follow tutorials – there are hundreds on Lightroom alone!
    TheLightroomLab.com has a wide range of tutorials from practical to fun to search and be inspired!
    Kelby Training offers online and in-person courses in Lightroom.

    A few spots to pick up presets:

    Kubota Image Tools has a bevy of Lightroom goodies including presets, a RAW workflow system, and SpeedKeys!
    Totally Rad has a set of 103 presets (including 9 for the adjustment brush exclusively), plus tips and ideas to make photos uniquely your own.
    Marcus Bell has educational DVDs and presets available, and is also donating 20% of your purchase toward the Brisbane Flood Relief.
    Cuba Gallery has tutorials and a wide range of presets.
    Flourish, PresetsHeaven and Presetopia have a few awesome presets as well.

    WPPI Platform Picks: Post Production & Business

    18 Feb

    Only a fraction of our time as photographers is actually spent behind the lens; the majority is taken up with business-related tasks and post production. If you’re looking to streamline or implement new processes, or are just curious about new ways of doing things, there’s a lot of great vendors, companies and classes at WPPI that can lend a hand. Here’s our picks for Platform classes that are sure to teach you a thing or two!


    Sal Cincotta

    What? Creating Wedding Packages that Sell
    When? February 20, 12:00-2:00 pm
    Why? Pricing, packages, communication, profit, consumer behavior

    Julieanne Kost

    What? Harnessing the Power of Lightroom 3 Develop Module
    When? February 20, 12:00-2:00 pm
    Why? Adobe Lightroom 3, edit, enhance, stylistic effects, seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop CS5


    What? The [b]ig Picture
    When? February 20, 3:30-5:30 pm
    Why? run a successful boutique wedding photography studio, referrals, business


    Greg Gibson

    What? Lightroom 3 for Wedding and Portrait Photographers
    When? February 21, 8:00-10:00 am
    Why? business, pricing, sales, ordering, working with your client, close the sale, achieving your financial goals

    Sarah Petty

    What? Sell Your Butt Off
    When? February 21, 8:00-10:00 am
    Why? Adobe Lightroom 3, workflow, time saving, nondestructive editing, Adobe Photoshop CS5, showcase your work on multiple platforms

    Bryan O’Neil Hughes

    What? Delivering Stunning Black-and-White Photographs
    When? February 21, 3:00-5:00 pm
    Why? Adobe Lightroom 3, Adobe Photoshop CS5, gorgeous black-and-white images, shortcuts and methods, business

    Craig Heidemann

    What? Law School for Photographers: The Essential Business Law and Tax Workflow
    When? February 21, 6:00-8:00 pm
    Why? Business, success, techniques, tips, setting yourself apart

    Kevin Kubota

    What? You Can’t Create In a Vacuum, Unless You Want to Suck
    When? February 21, 6:30-8:30 pm
    Why? Legal, taxes, Q&A, proven business workflow, contracts, protecting your rights and assets


    Beth Forester

    What? How to Make Money in Any Economy!
    When? February 22, 8:00-10:00 am
    Why? Economy-proof success strategies, business, marketing, sales, tips,increase profitability

    Beth Forester | http://foresterphoto.com

    Julieanne Kost

    What? Stylized Effects with Photoshop CS5
    When? February 22, 8:00-10:00 am
    Why? Adobe Photoshop CS5, enhance your photography, creative tips, overlays, textures, effects, composites

    Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown

    What? How to be a Rockstar in your Own Backyard
    When? February 22, 3:30-5:30 pm
    Why? Business, marketing, sales, pre-visualization, pleasing your clients, new business

    Jared Bauman

    What? The Nuts and Bolts of Pricing and Packaging
    When? February 22, 6:00-8:00 pm
    Why? Business, pricing strategy, packaging, upselling, tips and tricks


    Kay Eskridge

    What? Upbeat Strategies in a Downturn Economy
    When? February 23, 8:00-10:00 am
    Why? Business, marketing campaigns, return clients, new business, setting yourself apart

    Eddie Tapp

    What? Best in Process from your CR2 Capture
    When? February 23, 8:00-10:00 am
    Why? CR2 Raw workflow, tips and techniques for: processing, enhancements, printing, exporting to Adobe Photoshop CS, printing export module

    Lori Nordstrom

    What? The Profitable Portrait Studio
    When? February 23, 2:30-4:30 pm
    Why? Portrait studio, business, profitability


    Jerry Deck & Sondra Ayers

    What? Turn Your Ideas into Success—15 Ways To Make More Money In The 60 Days Following WPPI!
    When? February 24, 1:00-4:00 pm
    Why? Change, business, getting started, achieving success

    Don't forget, these classes are included with your WPPI registration, and you can secure a seat for up to five classes in advance with Preboard to avoid long lines and waiting. Today is the last day to Pre-board, so if you haven’t yet – get to it!

    Tech Tuesday: Motibodo Espresso for Workflow

    8 Feb

    By Noelle Andrews

    As photographers, and especially portrait and wedding photographers, we are always looking for ways to cut editing time and make workflow more efficient. Those of you reading this are most likely avid Photoshop and Lightroom users and have your own arsenal of tools and tricks to get you through the rigors of photo editing. If you are like me, up until about a year and a half ago before I started working at a high-volume studio, I was using keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop and Lightroom to help speed up the process. However, I was introduced to the genius of DQ Studios’ Quickeys and my approach to workflow and editing has changed drastically. It’s no longer an arduous task but a rather carefree and enjoyable process. That’s right kids, I said enjoyable.

    So, what is it?
    Well, first I have to start off by saying that if you are familiar with DQ Studios, they are now operating as Motibodo “espresso for workflow.” They have recently introduced a few new products to replace the older module that I have been using for Photoshop – previously called “DQ Quickeys.” These new products include the MotibodoBOARD for LR and the MotibodoSKINS for LR and PS. So instead of using your regular keyboard with shortcuts set up for the tools and actions you normally use, everything you need is customized in a keyboard made just for LR and PS users. I will admit that I have not yet tried MotibodoBOARD for LR but am extremely excited for this new addition to the product line!

    MotibodoBOARD for Adobe Lightroom
    This is a very sleek and sexy Apple titanium keyboard that is custom printed with the Motibodo symbols and editing tools. Not to worry my fellow PC users, the software that comes with it allows the keyboard to be compatible with both Mac and PC. As Dave simply states in his online video tutorial, you can imagine that if you were to place your hands in the regular typing position, your fingers would rest on the F and J keys. This is where they have placed all of the basic adjustments that you would use in LR on a regular basis. So there is where you will find your exposure adjustments up and down, fill light, contrast, brightness, etc. Other relatively important keys include the next button, toggle between library and develop modes, crop tool, and the paintbrush tool with eight local adjustment brushes right on the keyboard. As an added bonus the function keys come pre-programmed with twenty presets, ten of which are Dave and Quin’s favorite Totally Rad LR presets. Sweet!

    MotibodoSKINS for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
    The MotibodoSKINS for LR and PS is a silicone cover that can be used overtop of your regular keyboard* or if you purchase the Motibodo Board for LR, you would just need the PS skin to go on top of that as well. Like the LR keys, the Motibodo Skin for PS has all of your tools and basic adjustments right at your fingertips. Some highlights include Motibodo retouching tools like Non-Destructive Dodge, Burn and Contrast, Heal and Clone Tools, dedicated workflow keys for Straightening and Cropping, Magic Object Removal and a Quick-Liquify tool. As expected, there are twenty Photoshop actions from the DQ Studios line that includes Skin So Soft, Shine Remover Makeup, Teeth Whitener, Warming/Cooling Filters, Vintage DQ, B&W Grain and much, much more. So you’re wondering what the bonus is this time right? An entire Suite of Album Design tools are included as well. You really are getting an entire workflow army included in these bundles!

    Wrapping Up

    So in a nutshell, having used DQ Quikeys and actions I can honestly say that it’s worth the money for the amount of time and effort you will save by using these products. The engineering and ingenuity of these products are well thought out and very intuitive as you can tell by the research and testing that was put into making them. The layout works just as well for both right-handers or left-handers and when use in conjunction with the Wacom Tablet (previously introduced by Jenna in her recent Tech Tuesday post) the results are mind blowing! Not to mention the customer service and support that you will receive from them is outstanding. There has never been a time where I didn’t email a question and get an immediate response. I would highly recommend their products to any professional photographer looking to enhance their workflow efficiency. Be sure to check them out at WPPI and see for yourself!

    What else do I need to know?
    System Requirements are Adobe Lightroom 3 and Adobe CS5. So if you have an Operating System that runs these programs, then your computer is already equipped to run the Motibodo Software. You must own a copy of these Adobe programs because Motibodo does not come with LR or PS.

    *In order to use the MotibodoSKINS you would need either the MotibodoBOARD for LR3, an Apple USB compact Keyboard (no numeric keypad; English) or an Apple Wireless Keyboard (English). The MotibodoBOARD can also be used in place of your regular QWERTY keyboard. Each purchase comes with a Motibodo Personal Usage License and a portion of every sale will be given to a non-profit organization. All sales are final so no refunds or exchanges.

    For more information and pricing please visit Motibodo.

    – Noelle Andrews