2012: The Year of the Belly! – Guest Blogger Sarah Schulte

15 Nov

As I sat in my chair with a sleeping newborn in my lap, my mind raced…I needed something to distract me.  It was winter, wedding season was over and the next season wouldn’t kick into high gear for another couple of months.  I was caught up on albums, edits and (gasp!) even my marketing.  Maybe, just maybe, it was time to do a project for ME!  Something that would get my creative juices flowing, that had nothing to do with weddings, and that could refresh my mom brain just in time for me to go back to work.  When I was still pregnant, John (my husband) had painted my big belly up like a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.  It was cute, it got lots of comments on Facebook…it must be cool…wouldn’t it be fun to paint other pregnant bellies?  Surely, John wouldn’t mind it if I volunteered his services…and I bet pregnant moms would jump at the chance to jazz up their bellies.  I could take a snap when they were done, keeping the elements as uniform as possible, and find a way to display them.

How to display them?  I sure didn’t want to do all this work just to leave them on the computer…how about 12 bellies, 12 months – a calendar!  What a cute gift that would make…I could sell them and give the money to a charity!  I  wanted a charity that was uplifting, joyful, and for children.  I chose Little Smiles because I love what they do for children…bringing smiles to the faces of kids in local hospitals, shelter and hospices.  They remind kids to be kids.  I had donated several sessions to their Little Smiles Ball Silent Auction in the past, and it was an important organization to several of my clients.

All that in the span of one nap…and now, almost one year later, the calendar is done!  I didn’t think it would ever get finished…waiting for bellies to be the right size, for John to be available, for the expecting moms to be available…but we made it and I am so excited and beyond thrilled with how they came out.  If you want to purchase on of these bad boys, send an email to calendar@sarahschulte.com.  Please include your full name and mailing address and specify if you would like to pay by check or through PayPal.  Orders will be collected and invoices will be emailed out on a first-come, first-serve basis until the calendars are gone!  Calendars are $31.50 (includes tax and US Postage) each and should arrive in time for the holidays.  I’ll be taking orders through the month of November, and $10 of each calendar sale will go to the Little Smiles Organization.

Sarah Schulte is the owner of Sarah Schulte Photography and is a proud member of the Photo Betties Network.


One Response to “2012: The Year of the Belly! – Guest Blogger Sarah Schulte”

  1. Brittany Ostrov November 15, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    LOVE this! I just photographed the Stars Ball event on Saturday. Little Smiles is such a great organization!

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