Member Spotlight: Heather O’Mara

22 Sep

Heather O’Mara
Heather O’Mara Photography
Weddings and Portraits

Are you a morning or evening person? I am all about the early am. I love the feeling of Carpe Diem and crafting my list for the day.

Coffee or tea? Coffee! Ah, the stronger the better. Not for the caffeine, but for the aroma.

Something that’s overrated: Texting. Don’t get me wrong, it is great for quick notes to one another. But I feel there is something to be said about human connection.

Something that’s underrated: Handwritten notes

What’s your favorite comfort food? In the fall I LOVE going to Starbucks and getting a Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte–Yum!

Website/blog(s) you visit daily: I try not to obsess over any one Website or blog. I use the PhotoVerse app on my phone to direct me to interesting places on the Web.

Who is the photographer that inspires you most? This is so hard to pinpoint. There is no ONE person because there are many talented photographers. But if I narrowed it down to light, craft and passion, those individuals would Cliff Mautner, Bambi Cantrell and Joe Buissink.

Tell us about your very first shoot: One of my son’s nurses in the NICU saw all the photos I had taken when I had been there with him. She loved viewing the images I had taken from different courses. She hired me on the spot to do an engagement shoot. Was I scared–yes. But, in the end, I surprised myself on the work that I did.

What is the one thing in your bag you would throw yourself in front of a speeding train for? That’s crazy talk, I have insurance. But if I lost my Nikon d700 I would hope there would be a serious defibrillator around.

I am passionate about: Life. I am so thankful for it. Photographs help us to remember what and who we are, those we love and the most wonderful moments in our lives.

To tweet or not to tweet: I started because I “had to”. Now it is not so bad. It is a nice way to keep in touch and get information.

What are the top 5 things on your “photographer’s wish list”?

1. 10 more hours in the day.

2. No more Weddings with 95+ degree temperatures, I believe that to be my brain’s shut down point.

3. Nikon D3s, like 3 of those.

4. Endless supply of candy for crying flower girls and ring bearers at the Weddings.

5. I have quite a long list of Workshops that I want to take. So I would love to find a pillowcase filled with money. We did find a paint can filled with money in my grandparent’s house you know… Who does that?

What do you find most difficult about being a photographer? Like anyone, I can get frustrated. I can doubt myself. I start looking at too many blogs.

What do you find most rewarding? I love photographing Weddings and capturing moments, real moments.


One Response to “Member Spotlight: Heather O’Mara”

  1. Katie Bradford Osborne October 2, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    YAY for finding out more about Heather! Awesome interview! The pictures are beautiful! (Including the headshot 😉

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