Pinhole Pro Summer Tour

2 Aug

The Pinhole Pro Summer Tour, which started way up north in Maine, is finishing up this week in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I learned about it a few days ago and met up with Katherine and Eloise today to check out their beautiful products and learn more about sharing Pinhole Press’s calendars, albums, brag books, postcards, photo pads and much more, with my clients.

If you’re not familiar with Pinhole Pro check out their website. Jenna and I found them at WPPI this year and I was immediately drawn to their classic, modern designs and the simple but genius idea: Client-generated royalties.

How does it work, you ask?

Clients gain premium access on Pinhole Press through their photographer’s account-based link, and choose from a variety of gorgeous products they can create on their own. Everything is high-quality, environmentally-friendly and ships fast! I think of it as the alternative to places like Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly. It has the great style and quality that your clients want, makes you money, and saves the time and labor having to sell, design, order, pack and ship.

Pretty cool, right?

Pinhole Pro has an excellent Community section on their website to support photographers in getting the word out, including media downloads that let you drop in your own images to showcase their products, as well as videos, contests and more.

The Pinhole Pro ladies hit Philadelphia!

If you’re in the PA/NJ area and would like to meet with Katherine and Eloise, learn more, see the products first-hand and maybe even get a surprise… just email and request a visit! You can also take a peak at the Summer Tour page to see where they’ve been and who they’ve met!

PS: Many of their products are already featured online, including How’s that for street cred?


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