Member Spotlight: Noelle Andrews

7 Apr

Noelle Andrews
Femina Photo + Design
Weddings, Portraits

Are you a morning or evening person? Evening wins by a million.

Coffee or tea? Coffee is a MUST. Can I have an IV please?

Something that’s overrated: Blogging. I mean that in the least offensive way possible. In fact, I do like many blogs and enjoy doing it myself, but I feel like there are just so many that are very contrived or forced and so incredibly boring.

Something that’s underrated: Handholding. I guess it’s a personal thing but I love to people watch and more often then not I wonder why, when I see couples together, aren’t they holding hands? It’s a simple gesture that means a lot, so I say hang on tight… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!

What did you have for lunch yesterday? Panera’s Fuji Apple Chix salad!!

Website/blog(s) you visit daily:

Who is the photographer that inspires you most? You know, this could be a very open ended and broad subject, but for me it’s quite simple. I am inspired more by life stories and journeys and the people who have helped me throughout my own life. So I am going to turn this question into what or who inspires you most? I would say hands down that my family and friends are always amazing and inspiring me with their own life struggles and support of one another. It’s awe inspiring to be a part of such an amazing network of people.

Noelle and her partner, Nooey.

Secondly, my good friend and “partner in crime” Nooey is a very inspiring person to me. I find that our endless conversations and brainstorming sessions always leave me walking away feeling refreshed and get-off-my-butt-motivated. Her relentlessly successful nature (yes – that sounds quite odd but is an amazing combination of qualities) gives her the ability to constantly try to better herself and grow creatively. I find that very inspiring. Together we have a great chemistry and way of feeding off each other’s energy and I think that’s why we work so well as a team.

Tell us about your very first shoot:
I was hired by a friend to shoot her wedding right out of college and asked my dad, who shot some weddings years ago, to assist me. With both of us having a trained background in traditional photography, we were able to work together combining our skills and expansive knowledge. It was a great experience and something that I will remember mostly because we got to share it together.

What is the one thing in your bag you would throw yourself in front of a speeding train for? My granola bar? Just kidding. But seriously, I get really grumpy when I’m hungry. I don’t think I can go a few hours without eating something! Anyhow, I would have to say my 70-200mm f/2.8. It was the first significant lens I bought and though it’s probably not the best piece of equipment in my bag anymore, I still love it.

I am passionate about: Food! Ok, I’m a jokster. I am so passionate about life in general. I believe that you have to love the life you live and live the life you love (really, its written on my necklace). Whole-heartedly and without reservation. Otherwise what motivation do we have as photographers to want to capture those wonderful moments that make us all laugh and cry? You have to be passionate about life to fully understand the impact of the images you create.

To tweet or not to tweet: Eh, I have not jumped on the band-wagon. But really, who wants to listen to me rant? I’d rather follow a really funny person.

What are the top 5 things on your “photographer’s wish list”? (Written not in order of importance, but what comes to mind…)

1. To go on an aerial shoot. I LOVE flying and think it would be so exhilarating to be hanging out of a helicopter shooting!! (My mom is having heart palpitations right now.)

2. To be shot on my own wedding day. Ok that sounds cheesy and inevitable right? So maybe it doesn’t count as a photographer’s wishlist, but rather a “looking forward to” moment. I love capturing other people’s emotions, often forgetting that I’m full of them! I can only imagine what kind of mess I will be on my wedding day, but I look forward to having all of my loved ones and emotions from that day captured for me forever.

3.To be hired for a shoot abroad. I love traveling and although I know its “work,” I am the ultimate traveler… ready for whatever may come my way.

4. To capture something so significant that it literally changes lives. I guess that is most photographers’ goal, but I mean really, without any sort of recognition or financial gain, I want it to matter so much that people see it and want to make a difference. I saw an exhibition in NYC from Saatchi & Saatchi’s sustainability project in college and literally left in tears. Those images really meant something and changed people forever.

5. Millions of other things?! I feel like I have barely lived and there are so many opportunities I want to experience photographically!

What do you find most difficult about being a photographer? What do you find most rewarding? I think what I find most difficult is the “idea” of photography in general. The idea that anyone can pick up a camera and capture a great image. It’s an internal and external struggle. The internal is the fact that I never really quite feel like I’m creating something wonderful because there is always something or someone who is better. The external because people believe it’s easy as cake or pie or whatever they associate easiness with and think anyone can do it! Where is the value in that? I guess perhaps this is struggle any artist deals with.

What I find most rewarding, quite honestly, is a very selfish reason really. I love seeing the world through a camera’s eye perspective. There’s no shame, no humiliation, no reprimand or guilt in it whatsoever. I think there’s something to be said about shooting life’s “secrets” and getting away with it. Who else gets to hide behind trees and sneak a shot of a couple kissing passionately (because after all, they hired you to be inconspicuous right?) or shoot an intimate moment between a pregnant mother and her husband snuggling her belly, or a woman posing in lingerie because she wants to feel something more than just the everyday work of being a wife, mother, worker, etc? It’s a really invigorating feeling to be given the power to capture moments that, in some cases, no one else is allowed to share in. Then again, that’s not very selfish because after all, we are doing it for them… our clients. 😉


2 Responses to “Member Spotlight: Noelle Andrews”

  1. Katie Bradford Osborne April 7, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    Awesome interview, Noelle! Your passion shines through, and it’s so inspiring!

    • Noelle April 11, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

      Thanks Katie!! 🙂

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