Tech Tuesday: The ScottEVest

1 Feb

As a woman and a photographer, I spend a lot of time (maybe too much time) thinking about how to fashionably add function to my sessions. I’m sure that’s exactly what Jessica Claire had in mind when she invented the Shootsac. Now, I haven’t invented anything, nor do I plan to, but I was pretty darn proud of myself for discovering this little accoutrement after searching endlessly for an article of clothing that would make shooting easier – and look sharp.

Traditional Photographer's Safari Vest. Fashion Faux Pas.

Now we’ve all  seen this guy.   And while a safari vest seems like a good idea if you are, well, photographing a safari, it doesn’t exactly make for  inconspicuous attire when you’re photographing weddings (nor have I ever seen a big, clunky, pocket-flappy vest of this kind flatter a woman’s figure. Some things, we must admit, were really meant to be worn by men.). But let’s face it – it sure does rock to have all those pockets at your disposal!

So, after much effort, I finally came across the ScottEVest. This vest, which is marketed as a “travel vest” makes THE perfect addition to your shooting gear. It’s sleek, fitted and organizes pretty much every small item you need at your fingertips on a long day of shooting – batteries, lens caps, memory cards, iPhone, lens cloths, battery pack, card reader – and are you ready for this? There is even an inside pocket that is large enough to house your iPAD. OMG.

The best part is that all those flappy pockets that make the safari vest so frumpy are on the inside. Thus, keeping our figures nice and flattering and hiding all of our super photog gear like a Magician’s hat. My favorite feature? And this statement will totally reveal my addiction to Apple – the inside pocket designed to house your iPhone has a clear flap with touch technology so you can silence calls or check the time, email etc. without even taking your phone out of the pocket!

Here are some of the features of the ScottEVest:

  • With 20 pockets, it’s like a bonus carry-on!
  • Breeze through security – just slip off the vest
  • Super lightweight, water-resistant, breathable Supplex® fabric
  • Teflon®-treated to be water and stain resistant
  • Hidden interior pockets with DeepPockets™ design help you stay organized
  • Lightweight for warm climates, mesh-lined for added comfort
  • Vest packs into its own back pocket for easy carry
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management
  • The ultimate in lightweight travel clothing: Why pay for a carry-on, or carry a purse, when you can easily wear everything you need?
  • Weight Management System™, NoBulge™, clear touch pockets – see Key Features tab for full list
  • Sizes Large and up can hold iPad® in PadPocket™
  • Machine Washable

And, they even admit now that this vest rocks for gal photogs!

The Perfect Women’s Photography Vest
Photographers love to use our women’s pocket vest as a photography vest. There are ample pockets to hold a range of photo equipment:

  • lenses
  • battery packs
  • spare cords
  • memory cards
  • light meters
  • lens brushes
  • ID or press pass
  • cell phone

So, take it from me. This vest is a must-have. Along with my Shootsac and my Rapid straps (another post altogether), I’m a woman armed, organized and chic. What could be better?


One Response to “Tech Tuesday: The ScottEVest”

  1. hdipiazza February 1, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

    I’ve Jenna “in action” wearing her ScottEVest and not only does she look cute but everything is RIGHT THERE… so cool. Great post!

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