Tech Tuesday: Refine Your Online Portfolio

25 Jan

Photoshelter recently launched a fantastic post on their blog: “A Killer Portfolio: 10 Steps to Get You There.” It’s packed with wonderful morsels and details about marketing and strategy to help you attract – and keep – visitors interested. Here’s a quick round-up:

1. Keep things simple, clean, uncluttered.
+ Your photos are the star of the show
+ Just say no to useless design elements
+ Studies show users prefer images 700-900 px wide
+ Watermarking, if done, should be subtle powered by Photoshelter

2. Make sure everything is easy to understand.
+ Don’t try to be clever. Be direct.

3. Make sure everything is easy to link to.
+ If your portfolio isn’t easy to link to, then most people will just move on rather than invest the time and effort needed.

4. Edit the right way – the tight way.
+ No weak images.
+ Edit down to the strongest contenders.
+ Get feedback and take it constructively.

5. Put your contact info on every page.
+ Make it easy for them to find you.
+ At minimum include a “contact” link on every page.

junglefrog's site. powered by

6. Make any/all specialties obvious.
+ Celebrate it. Show specialties prominently in titles and links in your website’s navigation.
+ Consider linking to your specialty portfolios from your “About” page.

7. Don’t forget the keyboard!
+ Include keyboard controls to scroll through images (left and right arrow keys).

8. Let people know where they are.
+ Include info on what image you are viewing in a gallery (1 of 20) near portfolio navigation.

9. Make captions available when needed.
+ Consider including information such as caption, date created, how it was created, to enrich the experience.

Quinn Mattingly powered by

10. Be a speed freak.
+ Fast and smooth wins the race.
+ Pre-load the images in the background so when a viewer advances to the next image it happens immediately.

Read the entire article to access links to sample pages and get in-depth detail.

If you’re looking to update your site, check out Photoshelter’s plans or download some of their free reports. Here’s a few other posts you might find interesting:

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