Tech Tuesday: No More Cold Hands!

18 Jan

Everything in the Northeast is covered in a sheet of ice today – so we decided today’s Tech Tuesday should be about staying warm! After all, just because it’s freezing cold out, that doesn’t mean photographers can call it quits.

We’re at the mercy of the weather – especially when there’s a wedding or portrait session that can’t be rescheduled. You can layer-up, put on your warmest coat, scarf, and hat, and head out there to make some magic – but inevitably, you need your hands free to easily access your dSLR’s buttons, wheels and doo-dads. And although there’s lots of cute, convertible mittens and fingerless gloves out there, in freezing rain, icy gusts of wind and super low temperatures, they just won’t cut it.

Luckily, the folks at Adorama have our backs – and have posted a handy-dandy guide to finding the right gloves for photographers. Here’s an abridged list with pros and cons, from the affordable to splurge-worthy:

Flashpoint Finger Shooting Glove: $20

+ Slip-resistant palm pad
+ Thumb and forefinger tips flip back
+ Adjustable strap so you can wear the gloves around your wrist without losing them
+ Well-suited for moderately cold weather

Photo Betties favorite: Affordability, sleek design and easily-accessible thumb and forefingers make this our top choice!

Tavo Gloves with Playpoint Technology: $30

+ Touch-screen operation through gloves
+ Electrically conductive overlay is wind-resistant to keep you warm
+ Silicon grip on the fingers and palm make them good for general use (especially biking or snowboarding)


Isotoner Smartouch Gloves: $25

+ Touch-screen operation through gloves
+ Made of Isotoner’s signature stretch Lycra fabric and fleece inside (flexible and warm)
+ Non-slip textured palm gives you a sure grip


SetWear Cold Weather Gloves: $40

+ Provide sufficient nimbleness for the thumb and index fingers so you can handle delicate camera button/wheel tasks
+ Index finger has a seamless design and extra padding for better sensitivity and durability
+ Thinsulate lining (designed for the coldest climates)


AquaTech Sensory Gloves: $50

+ Touch-screen operation through gloves
+ Thumb and forefinger tips flip back
+ Waterproof outer shell
+ Dries quickly while providing warmth
+ Silicon palm pad assures a sure grip

Photo Betties Honorable Mention: Touch-screen accessibility and pull-back thumb and forefinger are fantastic, but the AquaTech takes second place due to the bulkier design and higher price point. (A great option for the guys!)


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