Ask Betty: Lightroom vs. Aperture?

14 Jul

An interesting debate arose yesterday on Facebook after I voiced my frustrations with Lightroom; though Adobe in all its glory is a righteous brand, and there is truly nothing better than Photoshop, I struggle with the shortcomings of working in Lightroom with weddings and other jobs that require editing of thousands of images at a time. A friend brought up Aperture, an Apple product that looks to be gaining on Lightroom with its 3.0 version, but I am unfamiliar with the product and am therefore skeptical. I went from Adobe Bridge and “upgraded” to Lightroom 2.7 and found that there were many advantages to the switch, but overall I am still struggling with (above all) image loading and time delay, difficulty switching from catalog to catalog and general irritation with the precision of the adjustment sliders. A laundry list of other minor irritations ensue, but I’m wondering if there really is a better product that can process these batches more efficiently. Here are a few articles I found comparing Lightroom to Aperture – but I would love to hear from the Betties on your post-production software of choice and the pros and cons you’ve found in your travels:


2 Responses to “Ask Betty: Lightroom vs. Aperture?”

  1. hdipiazza July 14, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

    I use Aperture and the Bridge for different reasons – haven’t explored the what I hear is wonderful-world-of-Lightroom just yet.

    For those of you looking to learn/enhance your LR skills – Jared Platt is holding a Lightroom Workflow workshop in Philadelphia this month:

    A good friend of mine took it in NYC and had great things to say.

    PS: Laura Eaton is hosting a PUGs meeting with Jared the day before at her studio in Old City:!/event.php?eid=133387893361874&ref=mf

  2. jennawalcott July 14, 2010 at 12:25 pm #

    Kubota is also hosting a 90 minute online tutorial on Lightroom 3 on July 21st (see post below)….

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